Yilin Wang

Title Ph.D. 2023: Rheology, conductivity, and structure of complex fluids in flow batteries
Department Mechanical Science and Engineering
Email yilin7@nospam664a640369ba3.illinois.edu

B. Eng. in Energy Engineering, Zhejiang University (2018)

M.S. in Mechanical Science and Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2020)


Yilin Wang completed her undergraduate degree from Zhejiang University, in Hangzhou, China. She joined the Ewoldt Research Group in 2018.

Research Interests

Yilin is interested in understanding viscosity model of electrolytes, and the relation between viscosity behavior and molecular structures.

More information can be found in the detailed CV.

Selected Publications

Wang, Y., A. P. Kaur, N. H. Attanayake, Z. Yu, T. M. Suduwella, L. Cheng, S. A. Odom, and R. H. Ewoldt, “Viscous flow properties and hydrodynamic diameter of phenothiazine-based redox-active molecules in different supporting salt environments,” Physics of Fluids 32, 083108 (2020). DOI link Accepted PDF arXiv (Paper selected as Phys. Fluids Editor’s Pick)